Q'Straint has been dedicated for over 25 years to developing the safest and most reliable wheelchair tie down technology for mobility vehicles. Their seatbelt solutions lead the industry in wheelchair passenger safety in handicap accessible vans. In fact, Q'Straint was the first company to fully integrate the four point wheelchair and passenger securement system into adaptive vans.

The Difference Between Manual Wheelchair Straps and Q'Straints
Q'Straint wheelchair tie downs are unlike other manual wheelchair tie down straps in that they're able to be both locked and unlocked with one hand (saving time while remaining dependable and safe), plus Q'Straints are also self-retracting and self-locking, just like regular seat belts. Everyone can enjoy peace of mind that the wheelchair user is safely anchored inside the accessible van. The Q'Straint wheelchair securement system eliminates the tangled mess of manual tie downs!

All AMS brand wheelchair accessible vans have tracks pre-installed in our floor system for the attachment of Q'Straint straps. With the Q'Straint system's four tie downs, any wheelchair, power chair, or mobility scooter can be confidently secured.

The Q'Straint wheelchair securement system brings the convenience of quickly securing your wheelchair in a handicap accessible van in Arizona. Let CMI AZ assist you with installing an AMS Vans, Inc. mobility van conversion into your vehicle today.

Q'Straint Wheelchair Securements are available starting at $425.00

QStraint QRT MAX $425.00
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