Hand Controls

An optional add-on, Hand Controls allow people without lower mobility, or, a functional disability, to drive entirely using their hands. Hand controls are custom fit to each driver, to suit their specific needs. The primary hand control systems -- the brake and gas pedals -- typically are mounted below the steering wheel and attach to the vehicle's pedals. Secondary units help control the blinkers, windshield wipers, and gear shifts. CMI AZ and AMS Vans provide a variety of hand control modifications for wheelchair vehicles.

Hand control systems do not interfere with standard driving. The vehicle can be driven by people not using the hand controls, without having to remove the devices from the vehicle. Give CMI AZ a call to learn about the different types of mobility hand controls, and rediscover comfort and ease of use while driving.

Hand Controls $1,320.00

Hand Controls Installed $1,320.00
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