Steering Knob

For people that struggle with the effects of diseases like arthritis or partial paralysis, steering knobs provide additional, comfortable control for drivers having trouble grasping smaller items. The knob does supplant the driver's ability to use merely their palm to steer, requiring them to grasp it (or the wheel).

The steering knob attaches to the steering wheel itself, making it easier to steer. It can remain on the wheelchair accessible van or vehicle, even when driven by another driver who does not require a steering knob. CMI Arizona offers steering wheel knobs through AMS Vans, Inc., in many different color patterns to match the interior style of your vehicle.

Steering knobs installed for only $150.00 to $175.00

Spinner Knob $150.00
Spinner Knob Single Pin/V grip $175.00
Spinner Knob Tri Pin Grip $175.00
Spinner Knob Hook Grip $175.00
Spinner Knob Palm Grip $175.00
Counter Balance $175.00
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