Wheelchair EZ Lock

For tying down your wheelchair for travel, EZ Lock makes a perfect solution. This electronic wheelchair locking base is installed in your wheelchair van or handicap accessible vehicle, on either the driver's or passenger's side. AMS stands by the EZ Lock device as the top of the line in mobility securement systems.

Using a state of the art electronic monitoring system that tracks the position and status of the wheelchair on the base, the EZ Lock base is designed to guide the wheelchair user and then automatically lock the chair into place. A flexible, lighted pad is your controller, with soft touch buttons mounted in the handicap van itself.

Another simple, one-touch button allows the release of the Lock, and a quick and safe exit. All EZ Lock wheelchair security systems also include a manual release backup, for the rare occasion of an accessibility van power failure.

Call CMI Arizona today and learn more about AMS installations featuring the EZ Lock Wheelchair Securement System on your mobility van conversion.

Included with installation: Wheelchair bracket and base. EZ Lock can be installed starting at $585.00 to $1,390.00

EZ Lock base only $1,390.00
EZ Lock power chair bracket $585.00
EZ Lock manual chair bracket $585.00
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