CMI Arizona, AMS Vans, Inc. Wheelchair Vehicle Conversion Safety Policy

In a time when most people spend more time updating their Twitter accounts and Facebook status than paying attention to what's going on around them, safety on the road is a huge concern. Unfortunately, too many drivers aren't as safe or attentive as they should be. Even the most cautious drivers have to constantly be on the lookout for the other driver that has his or her attentions focused elsewhere.

CMI Arizona realizes outside factors put even the most attentive drivers at risk. When choosing to sell AMS Vans brand wheelchair vans, we knew we would be selling a wheelchair accessible van brand where safety is a top priority. AMS Vans brand handicap accessible vans were the first side and rear entry conversion vans in America to pass the rigorous 2010 National Highway Transportation Safety Authority (NHTSA) safety crash tests in all 3 categories on the first try. Wheelchair accessible vans by AMS Vans have passed all the required safety crash tests similar to an unconverted minivan. For this reason, the original vehicle manufacturers honor their original factory warranty even after the vehicles are converted to an AMS Vans wheelchair accessible minivan.

AMS refuses to alter the original frame of the van to the extent that it compromises the rigidity and compression points designed by the original vehicle engineers. This design sets AMS apart from other accessible vehicle companies in Arizona. AMS Vans is one of the only mobility van companies that sells handicap accessible minivans with the original rocker panel boxes. Rocker panel boxes are an integral part of a minivan's frame. Located on the sides of the minivan, these panels support and distribute the weight of the van while protecting the inner contents of the vehicle, your loved ones, clients, or business associates.

While other mobility companies slice through the rocker panels to gain a few more inches of interior space, AMS understands that compromising the integrity of those rocker panels means compromising the vehicle's ability to withstand impacts; a huge safety risk. We treat our customers as family at CMI AZ and AMS Vans, and putting our family at risk isn't acceptable. In addition, AMS doesn't move the gas tank on any wheelchair van conversion. In crash tests, even when impacted from the rear at 50 mph and turned upside down the handicap accessible vans didn't leak gas -- a crucial safety measure in the unfortunate event of an accident.

AMS Vans wheelchair accessible vans all have the original seat belts to ensure that both the passengers in the factory seats and wheelchair users are as safe as possible. Besides crash safety, all AMS Vans handicap vans sold in Arizona have manual overrides and operation to ensure a wheelchair user will always be able to get in and out of the wheelchair van. Some manufacturers force you to opt for a less safe system that depends on a powered ramp or unreliable kneeling systems which have a tendency to break and leave a wheelchair user stranded inside or outside the van.

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